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Talk of Amendment 26 in Mississippi is ubiquitous. It’s pretty annoying and pro-life people come across as ambivalent individuals to me, but I still respect them. 

Posting pictures of aborted fetuses is grotesque and sickening. I wouldn’t post a picture of my dead grandmother and publicize my disagreement with euthanasia. If the child is a life to you, treat it like one and stop grossing everyone out in an attempt to change minds.

I am a believer. A Christian. But abortion is an easy topic for me: It’s a woman’s choice. How is it not? If I develop cancer and refuse chemo, it’s my choice. If I choose not to press charges against someone who assaulted me, it’s my choice. 

Too many people view pro-choice individuals as people who love abortion. I don’t heart abortion. It’s not like the “innocent slaughter of human life” gives them a nice warm feeling inside and makes them want to go party. Abortion exists for many reasons, not just a cop out because you weren’t careful. 

Consider this. I saw a church with crosses out front that symbolized a big number of aborted fetuses in the US. I think the number was 500 million, but that could be wrong. Say it’s true and add that number to the US population. You think Obama is pushing taxes now? HA 

I am not saying that is a good or bad thing. I am saying that the group established strongly on pro-life is also for low or non-existent taxes. 

 I’ve done my research, and both sides have good points. I’m voting no. 

The Republican party will soon be deemed progress halters and will lose respect very quickly if they don’t find some structure and something that appeals to those who aren’t religious. 

I’m feeling generous. I’ll take anonymous questions. 

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